About us

Amella Caramels were created by a husband and wife team out of California in 2007. In 2006, Emir and Elena started their adventures into the world of Artisanal chocolate making. The adventure began with Ecole Chocolat’s Professional  Chocolatier program where they were taught the basics of candy making. Then it was off to Paris, France to visit the legendary Valhrona chocolate factory  and take classes in chocolate making from renowned Valhrona chef Philippe Givre 

Upon their return from Paris, they were both inspired to create unique artisanal candies using all natural ingredients. They started out in they local Farmer’s Markets and slowly entered specialty markets.  They had numerous requests for Vegan Caramels and the rest is history.  In June of 2018, Amella Caramels launched their Organic Vegan Caramel Line, to satisfy the growing demand for Organic, Vegan and Non-GMO Certified food products.